Heal Your Birth Story….releasing the unexpected


Published June 2015

Available on Amazon in paperback or digital

Psychologist and birth trauma expert Maureen Campion shares her lessons for releasing the unexpected wounds that come from having a rough birth experience. Birth can be beautiful and spiritual and joyous but there are also terrifying, emotionally raw, painful moments that can be difficult to move past. This book offers you a chance to experience the healing power of working through your birth story, while learning about trauma and developing coping skills for all those complicated feelings. Maureen Campion shares her personal experience with birth trauma and the work she has been doing working with mothers through workshops and counseling to address resolving unexpected birth outcomes. Heal Your Birth Story offers new understanding to the impact of birth on mothers and their partners. Journaling exercises are offered to lead the reader through multiple layers of understanding and healing.

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A perfect blend of compassion, guidance and personality for healing a rough birth  By Anna Wilde

For several years, I have worked with women who have experienced birth trauma. Maureen’s book is a breath of compassionate and wise inspiration, that will serve as a valuable guide for countless women. I loved reading it… Smiled, cried, and felt glad that Maureen has shared her vast knowledge in this area. If you wonder if your birth needs healing, it probably does, and this book is a brilliant place to start your healing journey.

Wonderful book  By AED

I had a hard birth experience with my first baby and I read this book when I was pregnant with my second. It helped me immensely to work through some of my fears, talk about things with my partner, and get emotionally prepared for my second birth. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has had a hard birth experience, no matter how long ago or how recently.

It is a good read if you are struggling or just to understand …,

This book was very eye opening and made me think about a lot of parts of my life. It is a good read if you are struggling or just to understand someone else’s struggles.