The Workshop

…because not every woman gets the birth that she wants

Register Here Saturday October 15th 2-4:30 pm Minneapolis

babyWe provide space for women to share and heal, while learning about trauma and new coping skills.The workshop will include time for reflection, discussion and other exercises led by two mental health professionals. Leave feeling supported, empowered and more at peace with your birth.

“Connecting with other women and realizing that I wasn’t alone was very healing for me. This workshop created a safe space for me to say some things that I was afraid to say. Also, allowing me to hear the experience of others and being able to share my experience was a step toward letting go of some of the pain around my first birth.”  Aileen Larson

Women experience trauma around their births for many different reasons.  Trauma is in the eye of the beholder.  This workshop is appropriate for you if you feel unresolved about your birth and wish support to move on.  Some things that can lead to a bad birth experience are:

  • Lengthy labour or short and very painful labour
  • Induction
  • Poor pain relief
  • Feelings of loss ofcontrol
  • High levels of medical intervention
  • Traumatic or emergency deliveries, e.g. emergency caesarean section
  • Impersonal treatment or problems with the staff attitudes
  • Not being listened to
  • Lack of information or explanation
  • Lack of privacy and dignity
  • Fear for baby’s safety
  • Baby’s stay in SCBU/NICU
  • Poor postnatal care
  • Previous trauma (forexample, in childhood, with a previous birth or domestic violence)

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Maureen Campion is a psychologist and marriage counselor. She can be reached at She writes a free weekly newsletter “Notes from a Marriage Geek” and teaches marriage and parenting classes.

Sarina LaMarche is a Life and Wellness Coach with a master’s degree in psychology. She can be reached at

Sarina  and Maureen love leading this workshop and have led this workshop to hundreds of women.  Each one has felt that the day was well worth their time and made a difference in their healing.

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